Cadmore Auctions – Firearm Highlights 27/28th June

It might be ice cream weather, but our customers were only interested in one type of magnum – yes, the deactivated .357 kind. Someone took a bite at £380 (lot 494).

Lot 494 - Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum Revolver (Deactivated)

A deactivated Colt .45 Commander, sold for a refreshing £1000 (lot 514).

Lot 514 - Colt Commander .45 Semi Automatic Pistol (Deactivated)
Lot 528 - Smith & Wesson Model 59 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol (Deactivated)

A deactivated Smith and Wesson Model 59 – used by Navy SEALs during the Vietnam war (they had active ones!) sold for £550 (lot 528).

It was poetry in motion as a deactivated Browning FN 1922 pistol sold for £420 (lot 535).


An iconic deactivated Mauser C96 pistol, swept up and sold for £800 (lot 537).

Lot 535 - Browning FN 1922 Pistol (Deactivated)
Lot 537 - Mauser C96 (Deactivated)

N. B. All sold prices are hammer prices and exclude commission.


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