Cadmore Auctions – Militaria Highlights 27/28th June

There were no fears of lot 10 meeting its Waterloo – as it had been well coveted by eager militaria enthusiasts.

The 1796 light cavalry curved sword which had seen action at Waterloo hailed from the private collection of Sergeant Major Cottons – it sold for £1450!

Lot 10 - Rare Battle of Waterloo Light Cavalry Curved Sword (1796)

I can assure you, we were prepared when we sold lot 13 – a rare German Anton Wingin Jr 1938 SA dagger for £700.

Lot 13 - Rare Maker 1938 Dated SA Dagger
Lot 16 - Original Antique 1830s French Foreign Legion Infantry Short Sword

Lot 16 gave someone the excuse not to join the French Foreign Legion.

The infantry short sword – based on a Roman Legionaries sword, sold for £170.

It’s a stroke of luck that lot 202 was faulty – a WW2 German incendiary bomb that failed to ignite. It did go off though at auction, selling for £220.

Lot 202 - WW2 INERT German Incendiary bomb

I can’t think of anything worse than having a grenade thrown at you and thinking: That looks like my grandmother’s vase!

Yes, lot 250, an inert Japanese ceramic grenade, sold for £360.

Lot 250 - INERT WW2 Japanese Type 4 Ceramic Hand Grenade

N. B. All sold prices are hammer prices and exclude commission.


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